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12 Week Transformation

Here is my 12 week transformation!

I started to take my health and fitness goals seriously as of June! I was unhappy, unhealthy, miserable and ashamed of my body. I needed something in my life so I decided to compete in my first ever body building competition!

In past 12 weeks I learned how to reach my goals without throwing away my life, it taught me self control, self motivation and self drive! Do you see how I mentioned ‘self’ before all of those skills, it’s because through help of a great coach you too can help YOURSELF be the best version of YOURSELF!

I dropped 9kg of body weight

I dropped 8.7kg of body FAT

I lost 6cm around my waist

I lost 8cm around my hips

I gained 300g of MUSCLE

I lost my lack of self control, negative self talk and most importantly:



RIGHT: SEPTEMBER 19th If I can do this in under 3 months YOU CAN TO!

Want these results? Want to take control of your life? Fill out the online application linked below to get started!

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