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Holly White

I have always been scared and too lazy to ever start my fitness journey.

I always made excuses; "I'll start on Monday", "I can't afford it", "I don't have time" and my favourite "I'll just eat all the food now and be 'healthy' for the rest of the week"

I would binge eat then restrict myself, I started eating diets that weren't made for my body, I would only ever do cardio and never strength train; because I thought that was the best option for me. 

I finally started to educated myself on Health, Nutrition, Fitness and it become a lifestyle for me rather than a chore.

I want to educate people into understanding how SIMPLE and EASY it really is to reach your goals and creating a healthy lifestyle, that you enjoy!

Your Body really is your Temple, so start to fuel it with what's best for you! x

Qualifications and Sporting Achievements:

Business Diploma

Competitive Body Builder

Certified Fitness Trainer Level 3 & 4

Won Commonwealth Karate Championships 

Represented Australian Karate Team for 7+ years and competed in over 8 countries

Soon to be...

Accredited Sports Nutrition Coach

Qualified Strength and Conditioning Coach

Graduate of Bachelor of Exercise Science at Griffith University

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